Featured NutSac Athletes


World champions, innovators, and leaders in the sport - #TeamNutSac embodies the NutSac lifestyle, and defines what it means to be pro.

Conrad Dahl

Snowboarding, skydiving, cliff jumping, and kayaking are some of Conrad’s favorite things to do, but recently Extreme Ironing is the latest sport he has taken up. Combining the thrills of other extreme sports with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt is what he lives for.

He continues to push the limits of his ironing skills and loves to perfect his craft. He’s a fun-loving guy who lives and dies by his motto, “You can’t change the past, but you can change your shirt.”

Kyle Johnson

Whether it’s ripping up the commute to the gym in the pouring rain or jumping on a plane to go race somewhere, backpacks and luggage are a huge part of what I do and making my life run as smoothly as possible. However, for me, it’s not just about functionality. Looks are a big part of my life. No matter where I go, I always want to look good. "If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough."

Greg Schoenwolf

Greg is a past president and council member of elite Facial Hair Clubs. He has competed in over 60 different freestyle facial hair designs since 2013. Greg has been growing his beard for 7 years without a single trim. He is a full time beard grower.

Greg got 4th place in Full Beard Freestyle at the 2019 World Beard and Mustache Championship in Antwerp Belgium.”

Tony Stark III

Tony is constantly pushing the boundaries on where it’s acceptable to iron in public: from basketball arenas to classrooms to abandoned buildings.

When Tony isn’t scavenging for that perfect location to set up his board, he has been seen throwing it down on the dance floor. His style can only be described as "Zoolanderesque." Tony has won countless dance battles, once even while wearing high heels. ”


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