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As we move further into autumn, what’s on your mind?

Hot tea? Changing leaves? Halloween? 

While we’ll definitely be indulging in all of those sensory jubilees, there’s one thing that’s always on our minds: Sharing the latest, coolest gear we’ve found with you!

And for that reason, we’re back with another edition of What We’re Carrying This Month. Five different pieces of gear made the list this time around, with a few classic favorites (folding knife and pen) as well as a clever minimalist carabiner, a futuristic pry bar, and a hidden carry key knife. Let’s get into it!

Rive Knives Rogue Mini Hunter

You already know how essential a good pocket knife is to your everyday carry kit. But let us ask you: How often do you actually end up carrying that knife in your pants pocket? We usually keep ours attached to the Molle webbing in our bags. But the Rive Knives Rogue Mini Hunter is changing our minds, thanks to its super compact but finely tuned design.

It takes quite the feat of engineering to pack this much functionality into the Rogue Mini Hunter’s tiny frame. Weighing in at just 2.3 ounces and measuring a super compact three inches when closed, the Mini Hunter makes great use of aerospace aluminum for a durable body and AUS-8A stainless steel for its sharp and corrosion-resistant blade. 

But we particularly like the double caged ball bearing deployment system. Paired with the prominent flipper knob, it makes this Rive knife super fast, easy, and satisfying to deploy.

Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen

This is one piece of gear that we always make sure to have around the NutSac offices. We’ve become huge fans of most everything that Tactile Turn makes, but the Bolt Action Pen really stands out.

Why? Because of a beautiful combination of material and length options, paired with a super satisfying click mechanism. This is one of those pens that you can really nerd out and obsess over the details of, all while fidgeting its bolt action deployment back and forth all day long.

A clean and minimalist design is complemented so well by a choice of four different materials: Titanium, copper, bronze, or zirconium, each with its own uniquely eye-catching hue. And depending on your personal preferences, you can get the Bolt Action Pen in three sizes too: Standard 5.6 inch, short 5.1 inch, or mini 4.4 inch.

Just don’t blame us when you order one and immediately want to get another.

Everyman Cowan Carabiner

The carabiner has become a standard piece of EDC gear in most guys’ setups. But surprisingly, there are relatively few EDC brands that make their own designs for carabiners, leaving many guys wearing a pretty standard climbing carabiner instead.

Everyman’s Cowan Carabiner is one of our favorite deviations from this norm. By reducing the bulk associated with a classic climbing carabiner, Everyman has created a slick and attractive carabiner option for your minimalist everyday carry needs.

Even better: The Cowan Carabiner uses a unique key locking system that keeps your ring of keys from jingling around and becoming hard to access. All of that functionality is on offer for $25 too, making this a great gift for the upcoming holiday season.

Tigird COLUMN MECHA Prybar

Most pry bars on the EDC market today are trending towards minimalism, with smooth one piece designs. A few are integrating bit drivers into their designs as well, but still maintaining a very low-profile aesthetic.

Tigird’s Column Mecha Prybar goes very much in the opposite direction. The first thing you’ll notice is its satisfying haptic slider, meant as a stress decompression tool, covered with a diamond array non-slip texture. The pry bar itself is made of a titanium alloy for lightweight strength and durability, and it’s also equipped with a magnetic bit carrier and screwdriver head.

Sounds like a lot for a single pry bar? That’s because it is. But if you’re looking for maximum utility and fidgetability out of a new piece of EDC gear, this one from Tigird definitely delivers.

Everyman Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0

If we’re being totally honest, opening packages and opening beers are pretty high on our list of what we use our EDC tools for. But oddly enough, those two functions aren’t featured together in very many EDC tools, with each requiring its own piece of gear.

Everyman’s Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0 fixes that, in a convenient keychain-ready formation. Folded up, it offers a durable bottle opener. Unfold it, and you get a small knife that’s perfect for cutting open the tape on packages. 

In short: This tool is super compact, TSA-friendly, and darned useful on a daily basis. And at $25, that’s quite a steal.

Stay Tuned

That’s it for October — but we’ve been hearing how much you guys are loving our new gear features, so we’ll be back in November with a new round of cool gadgets in time for Christmas shopping. Stay tuned!

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