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What’s In Our Everyday Carry: July 2023

Summer is in full swing, and we’re packing our everyday carry bags with all of the latest gear. In this month’s edition of our favorite new EDC gear, four items range from the high-tech to a minimalist classic, including:

  • A charging cable that could replace your drawer full of different cable types
  • A durable, powerful, and futuristic EDC flashlight
  • A compact knife with maximal capabilities
  • An heirloom quality trifold leather wallet

So if you’ve been looking to upgrade your everyday carry or add a new piece of gear, read on to discover more about our latest and greatest finds.

Statik 360 Universal Magnetic Charge Cable


We’re always looking for ways to slim down the tech portion of our everyday carry kits, because it’s the one area that’s most prone to ballooning out of control — especially if all of your devices take different charging cords, and therefore different charging cables.

That’s why we’re excited about Statik’s 360 Universal Magnetic Charge Cable. Made with an unbreakable nylon braiding, it houses a smart chip that allows for 5V/2A charging to match any device. Paired with the three interchangeable magnetic heads — Lightning, Micro-USB and USB-C — this makes it an all-in-one charging solution for just about any electronic device.

Both the one meter and two meter versions of Statik’s 360 Cable come in under 20 dollars too, making them an affordable and highly functional replacement for that mess of charging cables you’re currently carrying.

Wuben Lightok X2 EDC Flashlight


You might not think of a flashlight as an essential part of your everyday carry kit — you have one of those on your phone, right? But where the flashlight app on your phone might fail to illuminate the darkest conditions, Wuben’s Lightok X2 EDC Flashlight will provide more than enough power.

The X2’s compact, handheld body packs a solid 2500 lumens. Compare that to the average phone light’s 40 lumens, and you’ll see the obvious difference. It holds a charge of about 80 hours on low power mode, but six different modes enable you to select the right lighting conditions for whatever comes your way. It’s completely waterproof, and comes with a handy clip to keep it near you at all times.

Additionally, the X2 is covered by a five year warranty — though it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to use it, as the ceramic coating or hard-anodized finish make these flashlights tough as can be.

WEKNIFE Banter Thumb Stud Knife


The WEKNIFE Banter fits into that goldilocks zone for knives: Not too big, not too small, but just right for just about everything. Now available with a lightweight carbon fiber handle and easy-deploy thumb stud, it’s a very solid EDC knife that’s easy to stow away when not in use.

Measuring in at just over three inches when folded, the Banter has a 2.9-inch blade made from Sandvik S35VN steel, which is renowned for its combination of edge retention and corrosion resistance. It’s then given a flat blade grind for all-round versatility, and a prominent thumb stud that makes deployment smooth and easy via the knife’s ceramic ball bearing pivot. A nested liner lock and deep pocket clip complete the package here, offering stability for slicing and easy storage capabilities.

Overall, we could see the WEKNIFE Banter being a great addition to most guys’ everyday carry kits. It’s compact and discreet enough for urban everyday carry, but tough and well-made enough to take out camping with you as well.

Popov Leather Trifold Wallet

Popov Leather is a leather goods producer that we’ve had our eye on for a while now, because their story is one that we can really get along with. Started as a hobby in 2013, the brand’s founders had a simple mission: To create a perfect, and perfectly simple, front pocket wallet. Dozens of design iterations later, they came up with an inspired, heirloom-quality design — and decided to start sharing it with other guys looking for the same.

Since then, Popov has continued to keep their operation small and almost entirely in-house, making each wallet by hand and sending it through a rigorous series of tests before shipping it out to you. They’re an excellent brand that stands by what they do.

Popov’s Trifold Leather Wallet is a fantastic example of their style. Made from thick and durable full-grain leather, it’s a beefy piece of everyday carry gear that’s a good fit for guys with plenty of cards and cash to carry. And just like all of their wallets, this one is covered by a full lifetime guarantee, making it a truly buy-it-for-life option.

What’s Next?

That covers the latest additions to our everyday carry bags in July. Next month, we already have another flashlight and pocket knife picked out to share with you — but in the meantime, if you’re looking for more great EDC ideas, why not check out our latest videos and EDC gear guides?

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