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For our January edition, we’ve got a lineup of uncommonly cool everyday carry gear that we’ve been testing and playing with around the NutSac offices. That includes a finely crafted EDC pen made from copper, a cleverly designed micro pocket knife, a glow-in-the-dark key fob, and a handy mutitool. Let's get into it!

Microblade from WESN

The Microblade was WESN’s first super popular product, and it’s still easily one of their best offerings. It’s made with one thing in mind: Ultimate availability, whenever you need it.

When fully opened, the Microblade measures up at an everyday carry friendly 3.75 inches (when closed, it’s just 2.25 inches long). That makes it an easy addition to anybody’s usual EDC setup.

We particularly like the version with green G10 scales, as it provides a sturdy platform for the blade as well as a comfortable grip. With all of that weighing in at just a single ounce, the Microblade is a cool, compact, and fun inclusion for everyday carry that also makes a fantastic gift.


Glow Rhino Glow Fob

We’ve all been there: It’s getting late, there’s not enough light, and we’re digging around inside of our EDC bag trying to find… Well, anything. But a phone or flashlight first, so we might be able to see what’s in the rest of our bag.

Glow Rhino’s Glow Fob offers an interesting alternative to this common everyday carry conundrum. At just about the size of a nickel, you can easily add one to any piece of your gear—and thanks to the long lasting self-powered light from tritium, the same rare earth material used by the military for nighttime illumination of firearm sights.

The Glow Fob comes in two different sizes and illumination levels, both under $50, making it a great gift for yourself or a friend.


More recently, WESN has released their take on a multi-tool. But forget about the large, dozen-plus-tools style of multi-tool pioneered by Leatherman; the MT Pry Bar is about as minimalist as a multi-tool comes.

Simply shaped in a similar style to a carabiner, the MT Pry Bar has just three major features: A bottle opener, combination flat head screwdriver and scraper, and a bottle opener. It’s not trying to compete for a spot in replacing all of your usual tools — instead, it’s a fantastically simple addition to your usual keyring carry that’s both stylish and functional.

WESN The Henry

An everyday carry knife should always be reliable, versatile, and easy to stow away when not in use. But beyond that, there’s a certain something that makes a knife really special — its style, the combined effect of all its design elements and its appearance.

WESN’s new The Henry knife has style in spades, and it’s a gorgeous blend between the appearance of a gentleman’s folding knife and the utility of a hard-working EDC blade. Inspired by (and named after) the designers’ Swedish grandfather, it’s a new take on a classic slip-joint knife that’s been updated with modern materials and technologies.

Titanium scales provide plenty of strength for the blade’s housing while keeping weight down, and cherry wood inlays complete the rustic look. And the Sandvik 14c28n blade steel is a big draw here as well, with excellent corrosion resistance (great for the outdoors) as well as an ability to take an ultra fine edge.

Refyne EP1 Copper

We’re big fans of Refyne’s original EP1 in stainless steel — but if you want something even weightier in your writing hand, take a look at their EP1 Copper.

Made almost entirely from copper (with just a few tasteful stainless steel accents), the EP1 Copper weighs in at about 15 percent heavier than their comparably sized stainless steel EP1. Plus it has the added benefits that always come along with copper: An ability to develop a rich patina over time, and natural antimicrobial properties.

And just like the original EP1, the EP1 Copper comes with a removable deep carry pocket clip, and can take a wide range of ink refills. Pretty hard to find that kind of quality and versatility for under 50 bucks, which makes Refyne’s pens that much more impressive.


What’s Next?

As we really get into the swing of the holiday season, we’re going to continue to have more editions of What We’re Carrying This Month — as well as some special holiday gift guides with a collection of our favorite gear from the entire year. Be sure and sign up for our email list to be the first to know about what we come up with next!

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