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The worst of winter weather is behind us, spring is just around the corner, and we’re gearing up for a new round of everyday carry favorites.

This month, our features include:

  • A sleek charging station that will be perfect for your desk
  • A small-footprint click pen with a heavy-duty design
  • A super clever keychain cable adapter
  • A wallet-sized multi-tool with 40 functions
  • And a folding knife with a buttery smooth deployment system

Let’s take a closer look at each in turn.

Nomad Base Station

Ever since Apple’s popularization of wireless Qi charging in 2014, charging your phone and smartwatch with wires has seemed so yesterday. And we have to admit: Going wireless has been a huge boon to the cleanliness and organization of our everyday carry setups.

But until the rest of the electronics world catches up with the wire-free lifestyle, you’ll still need plenty of places to plug in your USB cables. So why not combine the best of both worlds — wireless and wired charging — in one slick package?

Nomad’s Base Station offers exactly that, with the ability to charge two wireless and two wired devices at the same time. Its magnetic alignment technology is less “snappy” than the traditional MagSafe option (and a little more forgiving of where you set your device to charge), and USB-A and -C ports will take care of all your wired devices.

The Base Station’s padded leather surface looks and feels great, and its auto-dimming LED lights make it a wonderful addition to any guy’s desk or nightstand.

Karas EDK V2 Pen

Grip rings. Knurling. A heavy-duty clip. Those, combined with an aluminum or brass body in four colors, all give the Karas EDK V2 Pen its immediate visual and tactile appeal.

But dig a little deeper inside the V2, and you’ll find some impressive design and machining as well. An additional o-ring in the lower barrel helps keep the pen together while it’s in your pocket, and a four-piece click mechanism gives it a very satisfying fidgety quality. 

And in this new edition, you can now choose from five different styles of ink refills to suit your writing style: Schmidt P8126 liquid rollerball in black or blue, Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 ballpoint in black or blue, and the Schmidt Megaline 950M pressurized ballpoint.

Overall, it’s a fantastic EDC pen for the price.

Lever Gear Cable Kit

There seems to be a law in the universe that no matter how many charging cables you have, when you really, absolutely need one, your exact match will be nowhere to be found. It’s the modern-day “losing a sock in the dryer” problem, tastefully updated for our electronic age.

Lever Gear’s Cable Kit might just solve that problem once and for all. Keychain-sized and cleverly designed, it comes in a variety of formats. Choose from a baseline USB-C, iPhone, or micro-USB charging port, and then add any adapter to the mix. Heck, Lever Gear even makes it easy to make sure that you’ll always have exactly the cable you need by offering steep discounts on multi-packs of these.

To back up that functionality the Cable Kit is also equipped with a SIM ejector tool, a secondary adapter space, and a hidden SD or SIM card storage slot. For under 20 bucks, it’s an awesome addition to the tech-enabled guy’s everyday carry.

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro

Whether you’ve stuck with a classic leather wallet or made the switch to a different kind of everyday carry wallet, this next piece of gear is for you.

Lever Gear’s Toolcard Pro is a credit-card-sized multi-tool that weighs in at just one ounce, and is all of 1.5 millimeters thick — perfect for carrying with you everywhere, and TSA compliant to boot.

Inside that small package are 40 different tools, with a focus on measuring tools and a whole range of hex key sizes in addition to a bottle opener, scraper edge, nail puller, and more. But Lever Gear has really gone the extra mile by making the edges of the Toolcard nice and smooth, making it a pleasure to use as a tool rather than a pain in the hand.

The Toolcard also has the option of adding a money clip, taking it into new territory of replacing your wallet rather than simply nestling inside of it. Very neat, and quite affordable too.

Gerber Fastball EDC Knife

Can you even really call your phone, wallet, and keys an everyday carry setup if you’re not bringing along a folding knife, too? Aside from being gorgeous pieces of precision engineering, pocket knives are tremendously useful in day-to-day life.

Gerber’s Fastball is a purpose-built everyday carry knife, and a darned good one at that. The finger flipper opening is intuitive, but not so loose that you’ll accidentally deploy it in your pocket. A wharncliffe blade edge gives it poking, slicing, and chopping power thanks to a thicker spine. And a stainless steel ball-bearing mechanism makes it smooth as silk to flip out and close up.

A three-position pocket clip and five color options give you choices for personalizing your Fastball — and you can even go for a cleaver-style blade if you’re looking for something truly unique.

What to Expect Next Month

When May rolls around, we’ll have a new batch of fresh EDC gear to share with you. And while we’re still nailing down the specifics, we’ll definitely be featuring a new fountain pen from our friends at Big Idea Design, as well as a kevlar-coated lightning charging cable and another folding knife for your consideration. Until then, carry on!

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