The NutSac Difference

The Right Bag

Every man has his own, unique, daily carry. Over the last 10 years our daily carry has exploded. We’ve simply outgrown our pockets (thanks Apple), and the average guy is just looking for a solution to this problem. At NutSac, we design and manufacture premium products that make your daily life more comfortable and convenient. No frills, no fuss; just durable, bad-ass bags designed to do one thing and one thing well — carry your stuff.

Designed Right

A bag is only as good as its design. We design bags for comfort, functionality and to look damn good. NutSacs come in a variety of comfortable sizes so you can pick the bag that best suits your everyday carrying needs. Our design philosophy draws from the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) framework. In our experience, clean, straightforward designs are the best way to make a durable and functional bag and the best way to manage your everyday carry.

Made Right

We take a ton of pride in our products. We use premium grade materials and engineer our bags to take one hell of a beating. NutSacs are made from a weather resistant, #10 waxed-canvas duck, and full-grain leather sourced from a small tannery in New England. Each bag is hand sewn in the US and has a lifetime guarantee.

Business the Right way

We sell bags in over 25 different countries. We like to think that every bag we sell makes the world a little bit nicer. It truly blows our minds that a small Oregon company has friends around the world. The NutSac family includes people from Bahrain to Belgium, Egypt to Australia, the UK to Canada, and from France to Singapore. What brings us together is a commitment to honesty, trust, quality, and fairness in the workplace.