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The Best Men’s Flasks for Everyday Carry

Five handsome and distinctive ways to carry a little nip of the ‘water of life’ with you.

Even after you put aside the hard-drinking antics of Mad Men era offices and stop trying to sneak a few ounces of whiskey into a concert, there’s always going to be a reason for a guy to carry a hip flask.

Thankfully, today’s range of finely crafted and beautifully aesthetic hip flasks offer something more than just a fast track to intoxication — think classier celebrations like toasting at a wedding, or sharing a dram with your buddies at the top of a long hike. And even when we’re not planning on having a drink, we often pack them away in our bags because of how darned cool they are to look at and hold.

So take a look through our five favorite flasks that deserve a place in your everyday carry setup, and remember to drink well (and drink responsibly).

Jacob Bromwell Pioneer Flask

With over two hundred years of flask making experience, Jacob Bromwell is without a doubt the name to know in portable drinkware. Their range of sizes, shapes, and materials of flasks is staggering — and if you want the fanciest versions, their prices can be just as eye-popping.

The Pioneer Flask, as one of the brand’s best sellers, is our go to. Made from hammered 22 gauge solid pewter, it’s a real heritage piece (that also happens to be backed up by a lifetime guarantee). And where other flasks can feel a bit light in the hand, this is a real beast: It weighs a full pound without any liquid in it, and can hold up to nine ounces of your favorite spirit.

Shinola Leather Wrapped Flask

As far as everyday carry accessories go, Shinola is a brand to always keep on your radar. Their distinctive design and branding are instantly recognizable, and tend to pair well with a modern, urban style of everyday carry.

The Shinola Leather Wrapped Flask is a great example of this aesthetic. Made from gunmetal gray stainless steel and then wrapped in Shinola’s buttery smooth “navigator” leather, it’s equal parts form and function — and its leather will take on a gorgeous patina just through handling it in the natural course of your days.

Whiskey Leatherworks Clark Fork Copper Flask

Horween Chromexcel has a near-legendary status in the leather world thanks to its combination of uniquely attractive coloration, excellent ability to take a patina, and lifelong durability. That’s the leather that Whiskey Leatherworks uses for their Clark Fork Copper Flask — which is all the more amazing since this is also one of the most affordable flasks on our list.

There’s plenty of options for customization here too, which makes this a great flask to give as a gift. Choose from two Chromexcel leather options or three alternate colors, then add either traditional sinew stitching or upcycled fly fishing line to complete the look. And if you’d like to have it monogrammed, that’s on the table too.

Snow Peak Round Titanium Flask

We’re huge fans of titanium in our everyday carry gear, because it really is the best of both worlds when it comes to lightweight performance and exceptional durability. Snow Peak’s Round Titanium Flask definitely fits the bill on both counts, and it’s made in a unique and pleasant to hold shape to boot. 

At 150 mL of internal capacity — about five ounces — the Snow Peak is one of the more compact flasks on our list. We’d love to take this one camping with us, for that perfect moment of sitting around a fire and enjoying a nice glass of smoky Scotch whisky. Added bonus: It comes with its own mini funnel to make refilling fast and easy.

VSSL Flask

And for something completely different: A flask that just might save your life (literally).

VSSL makes a range of innovative canister-based outdoor products that aren’t so much for everyday carry as they are for outdoor adventures. In the case of their new Flask series, that means pairing an eight ounce liquid storage container with two collapsible glasses — and then outfitting it with a compass topper and four-mode LED flashlight for good measure. If you’re headed out for a multi-day backpacking trip, it’s a perfect carry-along.

Frequently Asked Questions

And to top things off, here’s our answers to a few of the flask questions we’ve heard guys asking online.

Why do men carry flasks?

In the best case scenarios, men carry flasks so they can always have a celebratory bit of whiskey on them when the need arises.

Will a flask get you drunk?

Let’s be clear here: If you’re worried about getting drunk, a flask really isn’t what you need. They’re much better when used responsibly and respectfully. Don't get drunk.

What alcohol goes best in a flask?

You’ll want to use straight spirits to fill your flask with. Whiskey is a classic choice, but a nice aged rum is a great way to mix things up.

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