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The NutSac Guide to Tactical Everyday Carry

In previous guides on The Carry Lounge, we’ve pointed out that there are three main styles of everyday carry: Practical, tactical, and professional.

Practical EDC starts with what you might first think of for a day in the city: A good wallet, your phone, your keys, and a bag to hold them all in. It excels at making your personal life and errands smooth, efficient, and enjoyable.

Professional EDC builds on the basis of the practical, making sure that you have everything you need to perform at the office: Padded laptop sleeves, cable wraps, and perhaps an eyeglass repair kit.

But tactical EDC is a different sort of beast. Taking its inspiration from military and law enforcement officers, a really solid tactical everyday carry kit will leave you prepared to handle emergency situations at home and abroad.

With that in mind, we’d like to cover about a half dozen items that will help you build your tactical EDC kit — including a couple of our own, and a few from friends and brands that we trust will perform in even the toughest situations.

Carry it All With the TacSac

You can turn just about any bag into a good pack for tactical everyday carry, if you’re willing to make a few modifications (or accept some compromises on your overall organization). Our TacSacs, however, are designed specifically with tactical EDC in mind — and they do a fantastic job of giving you everything you need in one compact package.

The real trick here that sets the TacSac apart from other shoulder bags is the rows of internal molle webbing, inspired by the same sort of packs carried by our active duty military personnel. In addition to their durable canvas and leather construction (all handmade in the USA, we might add), these rows of heavy duty nylon webbing make it easy to customize your TacSac to your exact needs.

Keep Things Organized With the Admin Pouch

The customization options in the TacSac are especially relevant when you pair it with one of our admin pouches. Available in single or double sizes, these smaller units add a layer of protection and organization to keep your most fragile tactical items — compasses, watches, GPS units, etc. — out of harm's way and always within arm’s reach. 

Better yet, our admin pouches are tailor made to strap into the TacSac’s internal webbing. That will give you full control over building the modular bag that best fits your tactical needs.

Stay Sharp With Two Ways to Carry A Blade

Adding either a pocket knife or a multi-tool with a blade is an essential part of any tactical EDC kit. A knife like the Benchmade Claymore in tactical black will always be a reliable tool to have on hand, as it’s useful for simple cutting tasks all the way up to self defense purposes.

If you don’t already have a useful multi-tool like the SlideKick from Novel Carry, then investing in a full-function bladed tool like the Leatherman Wave Plus is a good option too. Though for truly tactical purposes — including field work in harsh environments — it’s often best to have a dedicated knife that’s easier to deploy than the blades that are hidden away in a larger multi-tool.

See Things Clearly With A Flashlight

Even outside of a tactical EDC setup, I always encourage my friends to have a flashlight on hand. It’s one of the first items you’ll want to reach for in case of an emergency, and often one of the last things that people think of keeping on hand and juiced up with batteries.

A flashlight like the EDCL2-T from SureFire goes above and beyond providing a reliable light source, and can even be used as a glass breaker or self defense tool. The adjustable clip pairs perfectly with the molle webbing in our TacSacs and Admin Pouches, too.

Lastly: Be Prepared for Anything

To add the final touches to your tactical everyday carry setup, here are three more specialized options we offer:

  • A leather caddy that’s perfect for keeping your knife or multi-tool within easy reach.

  • A laptop sleeve that’s purpose-built for use with the TacSac.

  • holster for discreet concealed carry.

All said and done, the selection of items given here will outfit you with a fully functional tactical EDC kit. From there, it’s up to you to fill your bags with the exact items you need to accomplish your missions — be they trips around town or weeks in the woods. Good luck, and please do feel free to reach out if you have any questions we might be able to answer for you.

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