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Testing Out the New NutSac EDC Sling Bag

Once you get past the days of carrying a single catch-all backpack or messenger bag, you’ll quickly learn that there’s a bag that’s perfect for every activity. 

Taking a walk for groceries? A simple tote bag is all you need. Looking for a pocket dump for your everyday carry essentials? A Man Bag is just the right size.

Lately though, we’ve been hard at work at NutSac headquarters designing our newest bag: The Sling, a vertically oriented modular bag (in the style of our TacSacs).

So today, we’re doing a hands-on test and review of the latest addition to the NutSac family. In this guide, you’ll find detailed specs as well as a full exploration of the different activities that the Sling suits perfectly. And while it is one of our own products, we’re going to do our best to give you a fair and balanced view of who it’s for — and who might need to look for a different style of bag instead.

Quick Look

Who It's For

  • Anyone on a quick urban adventure
  • Minimal setup photographers
  • Outdoor day trippers
  • Guys who carry a lot of EDC gear

Who It's Not For

  • Someone looking for a pocket dump bag (check out the Man Bag instead)
  • Anyone who needs to carry a full-sized laptop (Satchels and TacSacs work better)
  • Ultralight packers


  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 11.5" x 8"
  • Materials: Tan waxed canvas OR 1000D Cordura
  • Weight: 1 lb 7 oz
  • Price: $189

    Materials and Construction

    The first measure of any bag’s effectiveness is what it’s made out of — and then, how well it’s made. For our Sling, we borrowed many of the same material and construction cues of our ever-popular TacSac lineup. 

    You can choose from one of two materials for the body: Our heavy duty waxed canvas, or a tough as nails 1000D Cordura (both offered at the same price). And while the Cordura is undoubtedly strong, the waxed canvas we use is nothing to sneeze at either; we source it all from the legendary Fairfield Textiles in New Jersey, one of just a few waxed canvas producers in the world.

    Those body materials are complemented by a four-way YKK zipper system, and a true ambidextrous strap with adjustable padding.

    And no matter which material you choose, the entire Sling bag will be made right here in the USA. 

    Design and Features

    So the main difference between our Sling bag and others you might find on the market — aside from the American-source and -made construction — is our five rows of internal Molle webbing. 

    Inspired by the gear used by our armed forces, these rows of durable webbing give you the ability to turn your Sling into a variety of modular carry options; check out our Admin Pouch, Caddy, and Cable Wraps to get a feel for how well-organized you could keep all the gear in your Sling.

    We went to specific lengths to make sure that the strap on our Sling bag is as comfortable as possible, too. It’s a true ambidextrous design, and can be switched into different carry positions just by unclipping at the bottom of the strap and changing it to the other side’s D-ring.

    A four-way zipper system means that you’ll always be able to open your bag, no matter what angle you have it at — a feature that further emphasizes the ambidextrous carrying options.

    And last but not least, we designed the Sling to be just the right size to carry a full-sized iPad. In testing, your author found that it was an exceptionally good design for electronics, easily accommodating his smartphone, tablet, DSLR camera, and charging cables for the whole setup.

    Final Verdict

    Overall, we’re so very pleased with how the Sling bag turned out. It’s a versatile and comfortable mid-sized bag that’s perfect for urban day trips and short outdoor adventures. And with a few modular additions, it can easily be transformed into a highly organized EDC-intensive bag for all the gear you’ve been collecting.

    Want to check out the Sling for yourself? Find it here:

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