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The Best Everyday Carry Gadgets

If you’re going to invest in an awesome EDC bag like our TacSac, don’t you want to fill it with the coolest gear too? Sure, you’ll always need your usual items — wallet, keys, phone, etc. — but the real joy of refining your everyday carry setup is finding sweet new gadgets.

Being in the EDC bag business, we’ve made friends with some of the most innovative designers and makers on the planet. So in this guide, we’re going to share our picks for the best everyday carry gadgets, each specially created to make your life just a little bit easier (and a lot cooler).

Titanium Pocket Tool

So, how many knives have you lost to the TSA when you forgot to leave them at home before a flight? We’re hoping that answer is zero, but if experience is any guide it’s probably a fair bit higher.

If you’re tired of losing your blades every time you need to fly — or just want a compact and reliable edge on your keychain — Bigi Design’s Titanium Pocket Tool is a godsend. It’s TSA-approved, made from lightweight and durable titanium, and has a surprisingly dense 10 tools inside its low profile package. But the best part is obviously the replaceable blades, which will save you from ever having to hand this over should you forget that it’s in your backpack.

Fulcrum Pocket Tool

Available in full-sized and mini versions, the Fulcrum Pocket Tool is Vero Engineering’s clever take on a pen-shaped bit driver. Rather than packing a bulky screwdriver and bit set in with your daily gear, you can slip this clippy tool into the molle webbing on your bag and have access to five different sizes and shapes of bits. The titanium construction makes it a joy to hold, and seven colors let you customize your style.

Titanium Pry Bar

You know those long and heavy steel bottle openers that are popular in sports bars? Pena Knives’s Titanium Pry Bar is what they hope to grow up to be. Its design puts maximum leverage on the bottle opener section, while an aggressive prying edge and hex bit driver give you more versatile use options. It’s a huge upgrade to the classic bar key, and quite affordable given its titanium construction, too.

Titanium Pharaoh Bottle Opener

But for the coolest take possible on a bottle opener, check out the Pharaoh Titanium. With its space-age technology looks and incredibly unique design, it’s both eye-catching and highly functional. They’re quite limited on stock though, so keep an eye on the Pharaoh EDC Instagram if you’re looking to score one in with a special finish.

Pryma Multi-Tool

We’re absolutely in love with CRKT’s program that features designers from around the world, letting them showcase some of the most forward thinking work available today. The Pryma Multi-Tool was designed by Jesper Voxnaes in Loegstrup, Denmark, and it’s an absolute steal for the price it’s offered at. A prybar, bottle opener, wrench, screwdriver, and glass breaker are all integrated with a reliable carabiner, making this a real all-star EDC gadget.

EDC Wrench

Every once in a while, a designer comes along and upsets a whole tool category. We’re fairly convinced that’s what Bigi Design’s Ti EDC Wrench is poised to do, by completely reimagining what an adjustable wrench looks and feels like. The palm-sized tool offers 25 wrench sizes via its Archimedes screw adjuster, and clocks in at less than 4 inches long. Simply amazing.

Multi-Tool v2

You probably already know about OrbitKey’s impeccable Key Organiser — but did you know they make accessories that fit perfectly in it too, turning your simple keychain into a Batman-level utility tool? Their Multi-Tool v2 is the best of the bunch, packing 9 different functions (like a box opener, ruler, and screwdriver) into one keychain-ready package.

Pry Cutter Keychain Tool

And while we’re on the topic of cool keychain tools, check out this one designed by oe Wu in Mountain View, California. It’s part of a series of “Scout Tools”, fit for keeping you well-prepared for any outdoor activities. The Pry Cutter is unique in that it incorporates a finger-safe cord cutter into the pry bar design, as well as a series of hex wrenches and a driver with bits.

EDC Click Pen

So in case you couldn’t tell already, we’re really big fans of Bigi Design. Their streamlined style and titanium builds are just too good to pass up, offering lightweight performance with an incredible attention to detail on everything they make. Their Ti Click EDC Pen is amazingly adjustable, with the ability to accommodate over 100 types of pen refills by changing the pen’s overall length. Once you try this out, you’ll never want to go back to your old disposable pens again.

VSSL Adventure System

Last but not least, we’d like you to take a look at just about everything that VSSL makes. Their hyper useful lineup of outdoor utility tools packs an incredible amount of customization into every product, all with a modular design that lets you mix and match whatever you need to take with you. That includes camp supplies, a first aid kit, and even a coffee grinder kit, all in VSSL’s proprietary tubular design that keeps them waterproof and ready for anything.

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