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Well, we’ve made it through the worst of the summer heat. Now it’s time to get ready to enjoy autumn moving in, bringing cooler temperatures and changing colors to our everyday routines.

And for September, we’re back with another edition of What We’re Carrying This Month—this time featuring a next-gen keychain, a clever way to light up the inside of your EDC bag, a supremely satisfying bolt action pen, and a miniature towel that’s perfect for quick trips. This is the gear the NutSac team has had in their pockets and bags lately, so we’re excited to share it with you too!

Nomad x Orbitkey Key Organiser

If you’re still using a standard keyring as part of your EDC, it’s definitely time to upgrade. But even if you’re a dedicated carabiner guy, Orbitkey’s new Key Organiser collaboration with Nomad might catch your eye.

Here’s the hook for the Organiser: Instead of having your keys jangling around all willy nilly, the Orbitkey keeps them in a clean and efficient horizontal formation. That means no more searching for the “right key” to open your door (and no more having your keys poke you in the thigh when you carry them in your front pocket).

With a capacity of just 2 to 7 keys, the Key Organiser definitely won’t let you carry a whole janitor’s ring of keys. But if you’re looking to pare down your setup to the bare essentials, this offers a clean and stylish way to carry your keys.

And in their latest collaboration with Nomad Goods, Orbitkey is taking their already popular Organiser and giving it a fresh makeover — this time with the world-renowned Horween Leather that Nomad has become known for. This minimally treated, vegetable-tanned leather takes on a patina like none other; and the uniquely seamless band gives it quite the stunning look and feel.

Glow Rhino Tritium Pry Bar

Glow Rhino made a name for themselves through the inventive use of tritium, a rare and radioactive isotope of hydrogen. 

Oft used in military equipment including watches and gun sights, tritium naturally glows a consistent, vibrant green or blue. But in Glow Rhino’s lineup of tritium-infused products, it works like a charm to illuminate the EDC gear and equipment you carry in your bag. And the best part? It doesn’t require any sort of recharging, and will luminesce entirely on its own for years to come.

We’re especially stoked for the release of Glow Rhino’s new Tritium Pry Bar. Made from lightweight but ultra durable titanium, it’s a minimalist take on the pry bar — with the notable exception of a tritium insert in either blue or green. 

Tools and functions include the pry bar edge, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, and lanyard hole. And it’s TSA-friendly too, so you’ll really never have to lose it.

In the end, do you absolutely need to add one of these to your collection if you already have a pry bar or multi-tool? Not really. But man, that little tritium insert sure does look cool (and we’re suckers for cool new gear).

Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen

You’ve heard of bolt action rifles—but a bolt action pen? Tactile Turn was one of the first EDC gear producers to use this old school mechanism in one of their pens, and they’re still one of the most satisfying fidgety pens you can find today.

A carefully machined, all-metal construction means that every deployment of this pen is smooth as silk. And there are four distinct metal options to choose from: Lightweight and strong titanium, naturally antimicrobial copper, beautifully patina’d bronze, or rare and eye-catching zirconium. 

The Bolt Action Pen is also available in three different lengths: Standard, short, and mini. And if you’re so inclined, you can even have a custom engraving added to your pen to warn everyone not to take it off of your office desk without asking.

Matador NanoDry Trek Towel

Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy said it best: “A towel… Is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” And while we’re all unlikely to be scooped up by a friendly spaceship in the near future, carrying something like Matador’s NanoDry Trek Towel will convince you of its many uses.

First things first: Don’t just try to carry a common towel in your EDC; without a dry bag to store it in, you’re courting disaster (and mildew, or ruined electronics). 

The NanoDry towel uses a convenient silicone stuff case to keep wet towel away from dry gear, and it has a small keyring attachment that’s easy to clip onto a carabiner. The towel itself is a fast drying and heavy absorbing nanofiber material — and all said and done, the entire capsule weighs a tiny 2 ounces.

Overall, we’ve found this towel to be remarkably handy in everyday life. Spilled a little coffee on yourself? NanoDry it. Heat of the day making you sweaty? NanoDry to the rescue. Need a quick bit of insulation to carry a hot drink? Yep, towel again. For under $20, it’s been a steal of a deal to add to our EDC.

Stay Tuned

That’s all for this month — but the NutSac crew is always testing new EDC gear, so be sure to sign up for our emails and check in next month for another round of cool gadgets.

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