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As we move smoothly into the colder months of the year, one thing is firmly on our minds: It’s almost gift-giving season.

Are you an early Christmas shopper, or a last minute one? Either way, our latest edition of What We’re Carrying This Month will give you plenty of ideas for gifts — for a friend or loved one, or for yourself!

For our November edition, we’ve got a lineup of uncommonly cool everyday carry gear that we’ve been testing and playing with around the NutSac offices. That includes an affordable but high-powered EDC flashlight, a cleverly designed micro pocket knife, a glow-in-the-dark key fob, and two vastly different types of pocket screwdriver tools. 

Acebeam Flashlight 


A flashlight is one of those everyday carry items that you might not realize you need — until you really need it. The flashlight on your phone is a great alternative, provided that you have enough battery power. But something like Acebeam’s compact EDC flashlight is a much better, more reliable option that’s affordable enough for every guy to own.

For just under $30 at the time of writing, the Acebeam offers an impressive 550 lumen max output — more than enough to light up a trail out in the woods. What’s more impressive is that this flashlight is powered by just a single AA battery, keeping its size and weight down to a manageable and compact level. And at under four inches in length, it’s super easy to carry with you as part of your usual EDC kit.

Bit Bar

We’ve been big fans of Bigi Design’s pens for years now — and we’re stoked to see that they put the same attention to detail into their other tools as they do with their EDC pens.

Case in point: The Bit Bar. A combination bit driver and holder with eight differently sized heads, it’s a compact and convenient way to make sure that you always have the right tool at hand. An extender bar doubles down on usefulness, making it easier to get this tool into tight places for fiddly repairs.

And like many of our favorite pieces of EDC gear, the Bit Bar is made from lightweight but super durable titanium. It’s a joy to carry around and hold, and a really neat addition to any tech-oriented guy’s everyday carry kit. 

Refyne EP1 Stainless Steel PVD

Our new favorite pen producer is making high quality, sturdy writing tools in a wide range of materials — all offered at excellent prices, especially given their thoughtful design.

We’re speaking here of Refyne, a California-based EDC brand that’s looking to make modern, minimal carry a possibility for a wider range of budgets.

Their EP1 Stainless Steel PVD pen is a great example of the brand’s design ethos. It has good weight in the hand from the all stainless steel construction, and a physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating process protects it from scratches and scuffs. 

The bolt action deployment is fidgety and fun, and the pen comes with a removable deep carry pocket clip for good measure. Amazingly, that’s all wrapped up for just under 40 bucks — making Refyne’s EP1 a great way to get into EDC pens without breaking the bank.

What’s Next?

As we really get into the swing of the holiday season, we’re going to continue to have more editions of What We’re Carrying This Month — as well as some special holiday gift guides with a collection of our favorite gear from the entire year. Be sure and sign up for our email list to be the first to know about what we come up with next!(scroll to bottom of page)

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