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A first-hand look into the gear we’ve added to our packs and pockets for July.

Being a part of the everyday carry community brings a whole lifestyle along with it. A lifestyle focused on quality over quantity, always having the right tool for the job, and investing in things that will stand the test of time.

And the process of finding those truly one-of-a-kind pieces of gear is half the fun! We’re always sharing our latest finds with our gear-obsessed buddies — and then we realized, why not share them with all of our Carry Lounge readers as well?

So in this first installment of What We’re Carrying This Month, we’ll give you an inside look at the tools and gadgets that we’re testing, carrying, and putting through their paces in our EDC setups. Then, be sure to check back next month for a fresh new round of everyday carry gear!

Thematsey Hex Bar

Pry bars and simple pocket tools are gathering a head of steam in the EDC community, and for good reason: They’re easy to carry on your keychain, don’t take up much space in your bag or pockets, and are tough enough to really use and abuse.

Thematsey’s Hex Bar tool is taking that to the next level by integrating a pry bar, bottle opener, and hex bit holder into one lightweight titanium tool. The appearance is sleek and geometrical, and the addition of a hexagon patterning near the pry bar end gives it excellent grip.

Civivi Brazen Drop Point Knife with G10 Scales

It’s easy to find a high quality folding knife — if you’re willing to spend over 100 bucks, that is. But finding a solid pocket knife for under $50 is usually a tall order.

Civivi’s Brazen Knife is currently at a discount on BladeHQ, putting it just under the 50 dollar mark. And it’s a lot of knife for that low price, with a Sandvik 14C28N steel that offers excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. Its G10 handles are subtly textured as well, giving better grip that pairs well with the full liner lock to make this a hard-working folder that’s great for everyday use.

Novel Carry Slidekick Multi-Tool

For a beefier alternative to the minimalist pry bar tool, check out Novel Carry’s Slidekick Multi-Tool. It has 12 functions in total, including the pry bar, scraper, and bottle opener you’d expect.

But the real trick is its internal bit storage. A sliding lock mechanism ensures that the included micro bits will stay put until you need them. Then the inside edge of the bottle opener can be used as a ¼ inch hex wrench too. 

Overall, it’s a great little tool for quick craft and repair jobs. Plus, they have options for either stainless steel or titanium — that way you can choose between affordability and lightweight performance to suit your needs.

Big Idea Design Ti Click EDC Pen

What began for Big Idea Design with a Kickstarter and a few good designs has turned into one of our go-to brands for new EDC tools. Their pens were one of the first truly successful tools they made, and the titanium iteration shown here is definitely our favorite.

By balancing lightweight materials with a smooth and satisfying clicking mechanism, all of Bigi Design’s pens are highly fidgetable. And because of their finely tuned design, they’re also capable of taking over 100 different ink refills — ensuring that you can use the exact type of ink and tip that you like best.

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