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What’s In Our Everyday Carry for March 2023

Winter is on its way out, and spring is marching in — and we’re back with another fresh batch of the best new EDC gear to add to your setup.

In this month’s feature, we’re focusing on four items that we’ve been finding particularly useful lately: 

  • A universal cable that offers USB-A, -C, and micro-USB compatibility
  • A new edition of a gorgeous all-black bolt action pen
  • A surprisingly compact tool bit carrier
  • A minimalist titanium prybar with super satisfying magnetic fidgety buttons

So if you’re looking to spruce up your everyday carry for the onset of spring, let’s get right into it.

Nomad Universal Cable


Do you have one of those drawers in your desk? You know, the one that’s filled with odds and ends, most of which are the half dozen or so cables that you’ve collected with your various smart devices? Yeah, we do too. 

Or, rather, we used to have one of those drawers. And that octopus of tangled cables would sometimes spill over into our bags, too. That’s all changed with Nomad’s Universal Cable: A super-durable, all-in-one cable that combines the functionality of USB-A, USB-C, and micro USB charging ends.

Nomad has spared no expense in their design for the Universal Cable. It’s about 10 feet long, wrapped in double-braided Kevlar that even the most determined dog won’t chew through, and powered by a 100 Watt core. The metal alloy connector plugs are just as durable, and an integrated cable tie means you’ll always be able to keep it neat and organized.

So don’t throw out all your cables just yet — but once you try this combo package from Nomad, you’ll probably want to finally clear out that desk drawer.

Refyne EP1L Pen

  • This is a new release from Refyne and a larger version of their EP1 which we featured in carry lounge before

We covered the original release of the Refyne EP1 in a previous article on The Carry Lounge back in December of last year. And everything we said there — that the brand is making truly top-notch pens and selling them at reasonable prices — is still true today.

What’s changed with the Refyne EP1L Pen is its length (thus the added “L”). Measuring in at just over five inches in length, it’s a full-sized sibling to its slightly more compact cousin. And yet thanks to Refyne’s attention to detail, the EP1L’s profile still gives it a minimalist look and feel.

Powered by Pilot G2 ink refills and equipped with an addictive bolt-action deployment mechanism, this pen is poised to become your new daily driver. And all of those handsome good looks and reliable performance still come in at under 60 bucks.

Lever Gear BitBar Vault

When we’re looking to add a new piece of gear to our everyday carry setups, we’re all about multi-functionality — especially when it comes wrapped up in a cool, streamlined package.

That’s exactly what you get with Lever Gear’s new Bit Bar Vault. Part interchangeable screwdriver, part stash box, and all waterproof, it’s a surefire way to keep your tiniest essentials (think toothpicks, medicine, and hex bits) safe and dry.

Removable dividers make the Vault roomier than it first appears, and capable of holding a wider variety of your most precious gear. Note here: It doesn’t come with the bits pictured with the Vault; you’ll have to buy those separately.

Last but not least, the Vault is TSA-compliant and covered by a lifetime warranty.

Bigi Design Titanium Pry Bar

 Like most everyday carry enthusiasts, we’re always impressed by designers with new and innovative ideas. And man, it seems like every time we refresh Big Idea Design’s home page, they’ve come out with something new! 

Their titanium Pry Bar is the latest item on our radar. A full-size pry bar with a sleek design, it’s made from grade 5 titanium for lightweight strength and comes with a deep carry pocket clip for easy access.

While the pry bar itself is as useful as ever for doing all the things your keys and pocket knife shouldn’t do, we especially love the integration of a fidget mechanism. Those three little sliding magnets are the perfect thing to play with while thinking over a tricky issue at work, and they make a lovely little ‘click’ sound that’s not quite as loud as knocking your pen back and forth over and over.

A Preview for Next Month

That’s it for March, but we’ll be back next month with a new round of the latest and greatest gear — including two types of tech-friendly accessories, an American-made pen brand, and a fancy pocket knife. Stay tuned!

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