TacSac 13 - Kevlar


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Product Details

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Introducing our first TacSac in tactical ballistic nylon. 

The TacSac 13 - Kevlar is a jet-black TacSac 13 with incredible durability.

Lighter than our regular waxed canvas bags, the ninja-of-a-bag features a ballistic nylon outer shell with kevlar woven through it for amazing toughness and abrasion resistance. Jet black and incognito, the bag is trimmed with the same black leather found on the Jones bags. 

We're sure you're going to love this bag!

  • Dimensions: 13″x9″x3.5″
  • Weight: 1.69lbs
  • Ballistic nylon with kevlar
  • Waterproof outer coating
  • Metal hardware
  • Strap with mesh pad

TacSac 13 vs. Satchel 13

Features TacSac 13 Satchel 13
Internal Molle Webbing
Shoulder Pad
Back Exterior Pocket
Width 13"x 9"x 3.5" 12.4"x 9"x 2.5"
Four-Zipper System (for side access)

Our leather

We source our leather from a small tannery in New England. Our leather distributor has been around since 1897, and gained notoriety for making leathers for artificial limbs for wounded civil war soldiers.


Man, we love waxed canvas! Historic, durable, beautiful, and cooler than cool. Waxed canvas is made from cotton impregnated with wax. It’s served time in both military and civilian life.