What People Are Saying About NutSac

There have been a lot of folks talking about our products since we started making bags a couple years ago. YouTubers, bloggers, and customers have all shared their opinions and experiences. We wanted to quickly share some of the things NutSac owners were saying and why so many guys are choosing to carry a NutSac!

Here are a few of the dozens of YouTube videos people have uploaded about their NutSacs:

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High-Quality Materials NutSacs are made with highly durable and weather resistant waxed-canvas and premium, full-grain leather.
Lifetime Guarantee Our bags come with a lifetime guarantee.
Made in America We design and manufacture our products in America and are proud to support American jobs.
Practical Designs To create bags optimal for everyday use, our design philosophy is centered around simplicity and functionality.
Transparent Pricing We show you where your money goes by publishing our pricing model and the manufacturing costs for each bag.
Low Retail Markup There are no middle men in our business model. We sell directly to you and pass along the savings.
Customer Centric We place high value in our relationships with our customers and treat them like personal friends.

Customer Quotes

  • "I have purchased four different “sacs” and am impressed by their quality, durability, and usefulness. Highly recommended!"


  • "This bag is perfect. I’ve easily spent hundreds of dollars looking for the “perfect” bag. Finally found it. Not too big but just right."


  • "Outstanding quality in workmanship and material. Excellent product – Excellent company. Great value at the price charged. Well done NutSac!"