TLDR: American Lint is the brother of NutSac.. We sell American Made clothes for men.


About 6 years ago, Matt and Greg set about building NutSac. We design and manufacture American made bags for men. It’s been an amazing journey and we’ve been blessed by all the support (and patience) from our vendors and customers. 

Frankly, we love manufacturing in America! We love the natural sense of camaraderie, brotherhood, and support you only get when you work side by side with your fellow countrymen. When you manufacture in America you enter into a fellowship of businesses and customers who depend on one another for our mutual benefit. Americans working together it’s a beautiful thing.

Well, we decided we were ready for a new challenge.

This year we are bringing our enthusiasm for American made products to mens clothes. We’re starting small with a limited selection of what we call our Comfort Line of basic sportswear: t-shirts, baseball shirts, joggers, and hoodies. As we learn and grow in the brand we’ll bring in more colors, styles, and cool products. (Did somebody say jeans and underwear?).

We look forward to working with you.

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