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There’s a hidden side to everyday carry that most guys don’t think about. Behind all of the gadgets that power your urban workday, there’s almost surely going to be a handful of cords that in turn power your laptop, phone, and headphones. While they’re not flashy or fancy, all those cords and chargers are just as key to a reliable EDC kit.

Anyone who has to rely on their screens to get through a day knows that sinking feeling of realizing that you’ve lost your charger. Just how do they get lost in the first place, though? By having no dedicated way to organize them and no dedicated spot to store them in, you’re setting yourself up for a big “uh oh” moment.

We consistently turn to cable wraps to put the final touches on our everyday carry loadouts, and we’re here today to suggest that you do the same. This little guide will tell you everything you need to know for how to choose them and how to use them.

What Are Cable Wraps?

Cable wraps serve one main purpose: They’ll keep your cords and cables nice and tidy, and all in one place. They do that by — you guessed it — wrapping around the cable, keeping it secure and preventing it from knotting, tangling, and generally becoming a mess.

Basically, if you’re tired of fishing through your bag and unwinding three different cords every time you need to charge your phone or laptop, then you need some cable wraps.

Types of Cable Wraps and Cord Organizers

The most common types of cable wraps you’ll find are made out of plastic or fabric. This has the advantage of being about as inexpensive as possible, but the big disadvantage of not lasting all that long. These are the kind that you’ll find all over Amazon or at your local office supply store, bundled into packages of 50 or more — which is great if you’re trying to keep a whole office organized, but not ideal for a tasteful EDC kit.

Because we couldn’t find any cable wraps that really fit with our everyday carry philosophy of utility, durability, and classic good looks, we had to make our own. We started by using the same full-grain leather that makes our bags and wallets so long-lasting and supple, and then added unique antique brass snaps to finish them with handsome good looks. 

And we’ve got to say: We’re pretty darned proud of how they turned out. They come in sets of three, and you can check them out here.

How and When to Use Cable Wraps

The biggest advantage of investing in a set of cable wraps that are good looking and made to last is that you’ll actually want to use them. And that makes the task of keeping yourself organized so much easier, because it’ll become an enjoyable part of your routine.

That’s the real key to getting the most out of your cable wraps, too: Routine. If you’re like me and find yourself constantly misplacing important items, making a little routine for yourself will help keep everything in its own place. 

For example, I store my cords separately in one of our Admin Pouches, which I then stuff into my bag for the day before heading out. With cable wraps, you can get into the habit of checking that you have the exact number of necessary cords — one for your phone, one for your laptop, etc. — and checking that against the number of cable wraps in your bag.

Taken as a whole, we really think that cable wraps have a place in any guy’s everyday carry kit. And once you give them a shot, we think you’ll agree that they’re the nicest way to keep your digital gear clean, organized, and right where it should be.

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