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We think of each bag we make as a member of the NutSac family. 

You’ve got the Man Bag, a plucky and ready-to-go little guy that’s great for quick trips around town.

 Then there’s the Tac Sac, a versatile and hardworking go-getter with lots of personality. And the Jones bag, a classy and refined professional.

But the most versatile, go-anywhere-do-anything adventure buddy of all might be our waxed canvas Duffel Bag. It’s the type of friend that you’ll want to have along for your most ambitious trips — but it’s just as happy to head to the gym with you and make an appearance at your next camping trip, too.

So in today’s feature, we’d like to give the Duffel Bag its own time in the spotlight, and tell you just why we love always having it around.

Rough and Tumble Construction

 While all of our bags are built to last, the Duffel is without a doubt the toughest of the bunch.

Why? Because in addition to using the same durable but handsome waxed canvas as our most popular bags, the Duffel is the first time we’ve used a double reinforced twill for its bottom.


Twill is already one of the toughest natural fiber fabrics you can sew with, thanks to its unique woven structure — and we use an especially heavy duty twill fabric. But the addition of wax into that tight twill weave gives even better abrasion resistance, as well as a high degree of weatherproofing.

Combine that with our classic leather handles and zipper pulls and a touch of brass hardware, and you get a bag that’s ready to be tossed around without having to worry one bit about it getting damaged.

Handsome (and Useful) Detailing

What we always hope for with each of our NutSac bags is that you’ll both love showing it off to friends, and be able to appreciate how utilitarian a lot of our design decisions are. Said another way: We’d like for all of our bags to be a smooth combination of both show and go.

The antique brass snaps on our Duffel Bag contribute to that design aspiration in a big way (as do the leather zipper pulls). 

But the real draw here is the flap that we’ve incorporated over the center compartment zipper. In addition to giving the bag a smooth silhouette, this flap adds a big degree of waterproofing to the zipper. That way you can toss it in the back of your truck without having to worry about any sudden downpours soaking your gear.

Ready for the Long Haul

Of course, all that toughness wouldn’t be worth much if the Duffel wasn’t comfortable to carry, too.

To that end, we’ve designed the bag with a cushy padded shoulder strap and reinforced leather handles all around. You can pick it up briefcase style, lug around a heavy load with the side handles, or pack away your gym clothes and sling it over your shoulder.

Those carrying options double down on the versatility we’ve already mentioned, making the NutSac Duffel great for… Well, just about everything. We’ve used it for carrying all of our camping gear, making weekend trips on a whim, traveling with music gear, hauling tools, and taking everyday trips to the gym. And we’re sure that you’ll find even more uses for it, too.

Do You Need A Duffel Bag?

Taken altogether, the things that we love about our Duffel Bag give it one essential quality: It just makes life a little bit easier. If you’re an adventurous, active person, it’s a good buddy that will no doubt accompany you on many trips both short and long.

And like all of our bags, the NutSac Duffel is covered by our lifetime guarantee. We want you to have one of these bags for the rest of your life, and pass it on to your kids for their own adventures, too.

Check out the Duffel Bag here:

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