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Holiday Gift Guide (2022)

The holiday season is, without a doubt, our favorite time of the year. The last of autumn’s leaves are falling, the NutSac offices are buzzing with activity, and we’re looking forward to the prospect of hearty meals and great conversation with family, friends, and loved ones.

It’s also the time of year where we get to put our months of gear testing, research, and design to best use — by finding the perfect gifts for everyone on our list.

That’s exactly what’s contained in the list below: Our holiday gift guide, with 20 options sure to become cherished gifts for years to come.

Man-Bag, Dammit

Of all the bags that we make, our MBD is the most versatile as a gift. We don’t know a single guy who couldn’t use a classy place to dump the everyday carry gear that’s usually in their pockets — and at just under $100, it’s one of our most accessible bags for gift giving, especially since it’s backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Everyman Grafton Pen

Whether you have one EDC pen or a dozen, there’s hardly a reason not to get one more. Especially when it can be as cool as Everyman’s selection of Grafton Pens, made in eight different eye-catching colors like rose gold, gunmetal, crimson, and classic silver or gold.

Rive Knives Rogue Mini

Even given its compact size, the Rogue Mini made a big impression on us. Its lightweight construction is deceptively simple, with a caged ball bearing that makes for a buttery smooth opening action. You can check out our video review here to see just how it works in live action.

Vero Fulcrum Pocket Tool

Joseph at Vero Engineering is downright obsessed over the detail he puts into his tools — and the Fulcrum Pocket Tool is the perfect way to keep your everyday carry knives finely tuned. Its titanium construction is lightweight but super strong, letting it double as a scraper or pry bar as well.

Gondek EDC Handkerchief

The humble handkerchief: It may not look like much more than a square of cloth, but it’s such a nice addition to an everyday carry setup. Use one to clean your phone, wipe your brow, blow your nose (not all at once, of course). And with Gondek’s hankies, you can show off a little bit of personal style while you do it.

Tactikowl MixTape Bottle Opener

Have you ever noticed that there’s rarely a bottle opener around when you really need it? So rather than scuff up the edges of your tables with that old college opening trick, we recommend getting a bottle opener that’s: 1. Instantly recognizable, and 2. Cool looking enough that you’ll always want to keep it around. Tactikowl’s MixTape Bottle Opener fits both criteria perfectly.

TacSac 11, 13, or 15

For the dedicated EDC-lover in your life, one of our TacSacs is a perfect gift. Available in three laptop- or tablet-friendly sizes, they’re lined with Molle webbing for storing every gadget and bit of gear you might have. Add in a few accessories, and you can convert, modify, and carry it exactly as your heart desires.

Admin Pouch

The single Admin Pouch is our premier option for organizing any bag you might own. Designed as a modular add-on for our TacSacs, it’s covered in Molle attachments and just big enough to carry pens, knives, wallet, phone, and etc.

WESN CB Titanium Carabiner

Classic keyring just not doing it for you anymore? WESN’s CB Titanium Carabiner is such a nice upgrade. Lightweight but durable, it’s a minimalist approach to an everyday carry essential — and it pairs wonderfully with the Molle webbing attachment points on many of our bags, too.

Leatherman Micra

Keychain-sized and offered at a budget-friendly price, Leatherman’s Micra multi-tool is one of those everyday carry staples that we never go without. Ten different tools, including scissors, screwdrivers, and tweezers, make it a handy go-to tool that won’t take up much space in your bag.

Or for an entirely different take on a keychain multi-tool, consider the FETLuL Eagle. Super compact and lightweight (under 20 grams), it’s designed to tackle any common bicycle repairs that you might encounter in your daily commute — but it’s quite handy as a general purpose screwdriver and pry bar, too.

OrbitKey Key Organiser

And one more key-friendly option, for good measure: OrbitKey’s handsome and well-appointed leather key organiser. It’ll keep your keys firmly in one place and in order, making it easier to select the exact key you need. And it has an attachment for those larger car key fobs on the bottom, too.

Glow Rhino Tritium Glow Fob

And to make sure that you can actually find your keys while they’re in your bag: Glow Rhino’s Tritium Glow Fob. Made with the same stuff that gives military nighttime operator gear its glow, it’s a super neat and convenient way to make sure that your keyring is always easy to recognize, no matter how late you’re getting home.

The Slim Wallet

The same top quality Madone leather that we use as an accent in our bags is put to full use in each of our wallets. The NutSac Slim Wallet is a great way to encourage a more minimalist approach to your everyday carry, with just enough room for about eight cards and a center pocket for folded bills.

The Clipster Wallet

Or for a bit larger — but still nicely organized — wallet option, check out our NutSac Clipster Wallet. It has a specially-made spring in its leather-clad interior that’s designed to last for the long haul, keeping your bills firmly in place for when you need them.

Ampere Jetpack Power Bank

With a slim and lightweight option like the Ampere Jetpack Power Bank, there’s really no reason to ever let your iPhone die. Toss one of these 5,000 mAh battery capacity chargers in your bag, and when your phone is running low on juice, just attach it via MagSafe for super fast 15W charging outputs.

VSSL Flask

VSSL has become one of our new favorite pieces of EDC gear because of how unique their offerings are. Stored within their waterproof tubes, you can get everything from a compact camping and outdoor kit, to a first aid kit, to a coffee grinder, to this — a super unique flask and drinking cup that’s perfect for outdoor use.

Leather Double Admin Pouch

For a more refined take on organizing all of your EDC goods and gear, check out our NutSac Leather Double Admin Pouch. Four interior stash pockets are paired with two strips of webbing for plenty of organizational options — and if you’re so inclined, it makes for an excellent dopp kit as well.

Holme & Hadfield Watch Deck

A serious upgrade in both looks and function from a simple valet tray, the Holme & Hadfield Watch Deck will become your go-to place to store your EDC essentials when they’re not in your bag. It’s a beautiful way to display a well-curated selection of watches and gear.

The Duffel

Of course, no NutSac gift guide would be complete without mentioning our longtime traveling companion: The NutSac Duffel. Tough as hell and made to last, it’s the biggest bag we offer. That makes it perfect for trips to the gym, weekend getaways, or tossing in the back of your truck before heading out for a week-long camping trip.

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