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Nomatic VS NutSac

Continuing on with our in-depth reviews of the wide world of sling bags, today we bring you a new contender: Nomatic’s Navigator Sling, a design-focused and vertically-oriented bag with some impressive organization options and reflective bars for nighttime visibility. 

We’ll be putting the Navigator up against the NutSac Sling Bag, comparing and contrasting the two made-in-America options to help you determine which one best suits your style. And while the two bags are quite similar in their size and shape, the devil is in the details — and each bag seems perfectly suited to a certain type of everyday carry.

Size and Shape

NutSac Sling: 11.5" x 8" x 3.5”, about 5 liters

Nomatic Navigator Sling: 13.5" x 9" x 4", 6 liters

Of all the sling bags we have tested, Nomatic’s Navigator is the most similar to the NutSac Sling. 

Take a look at the measurements: Roughly the same, with the Navigator adding just a little bit more roominess in every dimension and an additional liter of storage capacity.

The vertical orientation of both bags is our favorite style of carry, so both bags get high marks in that regard. They’re easy to access, easy to organize, and comfortable to carry. In short: We like both bags equally when it comes to their size and shape.

Materials and Construction

NutSac Sling: Waxed canvas OR 1000D Cordura

Nomatic Navigator Sling: 80/20 nylon/polyester blend

The materials of the NutSac Sling and the Nomatic Navigator, however, are quite different. 

Where the NutSac Sling favors either waxed canvas or super tough 1000D Cordura, the Navigator uses an 80/20 nylon and polyester blend fabric that has a much more “techie” feel.

Construction looks to be about on par here for both bags, with a lot of attention to detail put into the seams and zippers. They’re both made in America as well, so there’s a certain quality of workmanship that comes with that.

Is one bag’s material better than the other’s? For specific purposes or a certain aesthetic, yes — the NutSac Sling in Cordura excels as a tactical carry bag because of its durability, or has a unique look and patina capability in its waxed canvas version. But the Navigator is quite a bit lighter, and has a more tech-oriented look and feel to it.

Notable Features

NutSac Sling: Internal molle panel, padded detachable strap, four-way zipper

Nomatic Navigator Sling: Water-resistant and tamper-proof zippers, reflective bars for nighttime visibility, external water bottle pocket

Both bags take an approach of versatility in their features, but with different emphases.

The NutSac Sling leans into the tactical carry sphere with its internal molle panel. It complements the whole design with an easy-access four-way zipper and a super comfortable padded strap. That strap is ambidextrous too, so you can choose exactly which way is the most comfortable to carry it.

The Nomatic Navigator Sling looks more toward tech-friendly organization on the inside, with a total of four internal pockets and a hidden pocket with an extendable key leash. An external water bottle pocket is a nice feature here too, as are the reflective bars that make it a great companion for nighttime travel (especially by bike).

Use Cases

NutSac Sling: Urban or tactical EDC, buy-it-for-life quality

Nomatic Navigator Sling: Bicycle commuting, urban EDC

Both the NutSac and Nomatic slings will find a ready home in any urban EDC kit, where their versatile organization options and comfortable wear styles will guarantee their effectiveness. NutSac’s Sling is a little more on the tactical side, while Nomatic’s is more tech-oriented.

Both bags are also covered by a lifetime warranty — which we’ll detail in a moment — so they’re solid investments as buy-it-for-life bags. 

Country of Origin

NutSac Sling: Made in the USA

Nomatic Navigator Sling: Made in the USA

Goods made in America are increasingly rare, so we’re happy to report that both of these bags are manufactured in the USA. That adds a little bit to their total cost, but we think it’s well worth the investment in community and quality that comes with American-made goods.

Price and Warranty

NutSac Sling: $189

Nomatic Navigator Sling: $130

The NutSac Sling and Nomatic’s Navigator Sling both run upwards of $100, but they’re both covered by top-of-the-line lifetime warranties, too. Either way, you’re really getting your money’s worth when you buy one of these bags.

For the record, here’s the warranty for NutSac’s bags:

“Our bags are built to last. We use the best quality materials and the highest quality sewing. We stand behind our bags.

We guarantee the quality of our craftsmanship and materials for the lifetime of the bag.

If there is a defect in the materials or workmanship we will repair or replace the bag at our discretion. Damages not covered are those resulting from abuse, normal wear and tear, cosmetic damages that do not affect the functionality of the bag (such as scratches or stained fabrics). The NutSac bag is sewn by hand and might contain some slight imperfections.”

And here’s the warranty from Nomatic:

“We stand by the quality of our products with a Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and, workmanship in our Backpacks, Bags, Luggage and Accessories. 

Our Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty is extended to the original owner of the item and covers any manufacturer issues that hinder the functionality of the product for the lifetime of your gear. Cosmetic damage & normal wear and tear are not covered. 

We will always do our best to repair your well-loved gear, and help keep products out of the landfill. If we cannot repair it, or do not have the repair parts to send you to fix the gear, you may be eligible for a replacement bag of the same item.”

Final Thoughts

So in the end, which sling bag wins out? Honestly, they’re both really top-quality bags — just with slightly different intended purposes.

If you have a lot of cords and electronic devices to organize, Nomatic’s Navigator is probably the better choice. But if you’re looking for a super hard-wearing bag with a tactical look and feel and unique materials, NutSac’s Sling is your best bet. Either way you go, you’ll be quite happy with your investment.

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