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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Dads: They’re a lot more than just our parents. For men around the world, our fathers have been our guides, our protectors, our teachers, and our inspiration to live a better life so we can take care of families of our own.

Father’s Day is coming up — Sunday, June 19th this year — so we just had to put together a gift guide for the occasion. In it, you’ll find a few of our favorite pieces of NutSac gear as well as the coolest dad-centric accessories we’ve been testing out recently.

Satchel 13

Dads might be carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, but that doesn’t mean they should do it alone. Why not get him a Satchel 13, one of our most popular everyday carry laptop bags? We put extra care and attention into making sure it’s a piece that will last a lifetime, with a heavy duty waxed canvas construction, full-grain leather detailing, and a full lifetime guarantee. They’re excellent for fathers that commute to the office, but just as useful for outdoorsy types who want a little extra organization to go with their everyday carry storage.

WE Knife Co. Elementum

A good knife is a must in any man’s everyday carry kit, but your dad deserves a great knife. And even if he already has a trusty pocket knife, there’s rarely any harm in encouraging him to start (or add to) his own collection of blades.

WE Knife Co.’s Elementum knife has really caught our eye recently thanks to its majority titanium construction. That makes it lightweight but rigid and extremely durable, and perfectly complements the CPM 20CV steel to create a blisteringly sharp yet versatile knife. And the deep carry pocket clip makes it so low profile, it won’t even look out of place on the most classic pair of dad jeans.

Slim Wallet

If your dad is anything like mine was as a kid, his wallet is probably full to bursting with cards, cash, business cards, and receipts. That’s all well and good, but might we suggest a more restrained option?

Our slim wallet is made of a rich full grain Madone leather, giving it the suppleness and ability to patina that will make it a cherished heirloom. It’s designed specifically to hold fewer cards and cash, cutting down on bulk and giving your dad’s back a break from that hefty bifold he’s probably been carrying for years.

BigiDesign Bit Bar

Most of our fathers grew up in a generation where if something broke, you’d better be able to fix it. But even the youngest and least repair-savvy of fathers will quickly learn that having a set of tools handy when you need them can make any DIY repairs faster, more efficient, and even kind of enjoyable.

BigiDesign’s Bit Bar is a slick piece of everyday carry gear that is, at its core, a pocket-friendly screwdriver set. But this isn’t one of your mini screwdrivers that you can barely get any leverage on — it’s a stonewashed titanium handle that stores eight different bits and is TSA-friendly. That makes it truly unique, and an excellent gift for Father’s Day.

Slughaus Bull3t Flashlight

There’s no getting around it: As your dad gets older, his eyesight will likely start to degrade. What was once easy to read becomes difficult, and repairs can get pretty fiddly too — unless he has a decent light source stashed away at all times.

That’s exactly what Slughaus’s Bull3t Flashlight is for. It’s tiny — really tiny — and the perfect size to add to your dad’s keychain. That way, he’ll never be at a loss for a light when he needs it most.

Man-Bag, Dammit

When you think about it, pockets on jeans aren’t really good for a whole lot. You can carry your wallet and phone, sure — but a ring of keys gets uncomfortable in a hurry if you’re out walking, and anything bigger than your phone (like a notebook and pen) is just a no-go.

That’s why we love having our Man-Bag on deck for quick outings. It’s made of the same heavy duty waxed canvas and full grain leather as our Satchel and TacSac bags, but it’s significantly smaller at just 10″ x 6″ x 2.5″. That makes it ideal for quick everyday carry, and more comfortable to carry than having your dad load down his pockets with every gadget he’s currently obsessed with.

Happy Father’s Day

To close, we’d like to take a moment to sincerely thank all the fathers out there for just doing what they do. The world wouldn’t keep turning without you, and we hope you all have the best Father’s Day possible!

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