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EDC Brand Overview: Everyman

Being deep inside the everyday carry community definitely has its perks — mainly, the ability to see, sample, and test the coolest new gear from our fellow EDC brands.

And in the spirit of sharing the best and most interesting new gear with our Carry Lounge community, we’d like to present one of our favorite brands for finely tuned minimalist items: Everyman. 

And at the end of the article, we’ll link you to our video coverage of the same gear featured here. That way you can get a good visual sense of how each of these pieces stacks up to your current favorite EDC gear.

About Everyman

Everyman is a relatively recent addition to the EDC scene — they got their start in 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Many of their initial products, including their super popular Grafton pen, were launched via Kickstarter. 

Now, they’re branching out into a couple of bags and affordable everyday carry accessories in addition to their main lineup of machined pens. Speaking of which, let’s get right into the pens from Everyman that we’ve tested and enjoyed.

The Pens

Everyman got their start with awesome EDC pens, and they’re still one of the main draws for buying from the brand. If you’re going to put an order in with them, you’ll definitely want to get at least one of their Graftons to try out.

The Grafton Pens

If we could only choose one pen brand to add to our EDC, Everyman’s Grafton Pens would be right near the top of the list. Why? Because while they’re pretty affordable at around $39, their finely balanced, machined bodies and satisfying click mechanisms feel more like a top dollar pen.

Plus, there are a ton of different color options for the Grafton Pens — including limited edition colors like Crimson, Rose Gold, and Military — and both mini and full sized versions. And every pen is covered by Everyman’s lifetime warranty, so you know they’re a real buy it for life piece of EDC gear.

Brass Grafton Mini

Overall, the Grafton Pens are well-designed, pretty affordable, and a real pleasure to write with, no matter what options you go with. But we also want to shout out a particularly interesting version we got our hands on: The Brass Grafton Mini.

Even at a little less than an inch shorter than their full-sized Graftons, the Brass Mini is a real monster of a pen. It’s heavy and feels great in the hand, but is sized so you can keep it in your front pocket if you want. 

The EDC Accessories

Everyday Carry accessories are a more recent addition to Everyman’s lineup. And just like the rest of the brand’s offerings, they’re quite minimalist and affordable. Let’s check out a few.

Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0

It looks like a key, feels like a key, and hangs on your keyring like a key — but the Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0 is actually a cleverly designed integrated bottle opener and short blade.

Your author has been carrying this tool around for a few weeks now, and has found that it really does blend in seamlessly with the rest of his keys. If you’re on the true minimalist EDC side of things, it’s a really cool option since it will let you do away with single bottle openers or mini blades. 

Cowan Carabiner

Carabiners have become a pretty standard part of our everyday carry setups at this point; they’re just so much more convenient and versatile than old fashioned keyrings.

Everyman’s Cowan Carabiner is a noticeable improvement on the usual climbing carabiner you might pick up at a sporting goods store. It has a sleeker aesthetic, and a unique locking mechanism at the bottom that makes sure your keys stay put where they’re supposed to be rather than sliding all over the open carabiner. In short, it’s a carabiner designed for the modern everyday carry crowd, and it works pretty darned well.

Ballard Bottle Opener

Okay, so having both the Ballard Bottle Opener and the Porter Multi-Tool might be a little bit redundant. But if you’re already carrying a folding knife as part of your EDC, this super minimalist bottle opener might be up your alley. It’s basically just a heavy duty stainless steel rod with an indentation in it, and it comes with a keyring for easy attachment to your carabiner.

Also, Watch the Video

That’s it for this article — but if any of those items piqued your interest, be sure and check out our video covering each piece of gear from Everyman in more detail.

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